Rob Robinson

Rob's Bio


My name is Rob Robinson and I am an American Singer-Songwriter, guitarist, drummer and producer. I've performed a variety of musical styles over the years including pop, rock, country, folk and blues. My music roots were largely based on my involvement in drum and bugle corps within the well-known DCI movement. From the age of nine into my early twenties I was immersed in the drum corps activity and I achieved a few things along the way. In the late seventies I became very interested in solo snare drumming and I would go on to win several major competitions including the coveted DCI national snare-drumming championship. I went on to win the competition 3 times and at a very young age became a sought after teacher and clinician. I became an endorsee for the Ludwig Drum Company and went on to teach and write for several university band programs and drum corps. My experience in a variety of musical styles was a direct result of my involvement in drum corps as jazz and classical music were a regular part of our language. But my heart always had a special place for popular music and rock-n-roll and that's what I really wanted to do.

My interest in performing popular music started during my teenaged years. I loved playing drum set and so I started playing in local bands and eventually got involved in some original music projects around the Philadelphia area. After several bands and several breakups I went on an audition and got a gig playing drums for roots based artist Ben Vaughn. I was a person who was always into more sophisticated styles of music where time signatures were anything but common. I suddenly found myself in a real rock-n-roll band with no frills, no gimmicks and no intention to fit into the modern scene. It was just straight ahead in your face rock-n-roll. My drum set went from something that took up every square inch of my VW Rabbit to something that tucked neatly under the home made loft in the back of a Ford Econoline Airport Van that we took on the road for a long ass tour. Oh, and all the other band equipment fit underneath the loft too. As I toured the US and Europe extensively I was introduced to a variety of new music and artists. These influences had a huge impact on the direction of my own music and ideas. My focus would soon shift from drumming to writing and singing my own songs. 

I got into songwriting while continuing to drum for many artists around the Philly area including Suzanne Gorman and Amy Carr. In 2009 I began work on my first solo album and in the fall of 2013 "Catchin' A Ride" was released. In 2014 I met with my old friend Lou DeMarco and we decided that it would be fun to work together and so we agreed that I would become a client with the Momentary Love Management Group. Since then I have taken my music on the road to many US cities including New York, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Norfolk, Nashville and Memphis. I have also been a featured guest on NPR's Acoustic Highway with host Barry Graham. I've also continued to drum for artists such as Suzanne Gorman and Memphis based singer-songwriter Dan Montgomery. With so much roadwork now behind me I am eager to begin work on a new album. Hopefully there will be some more good things to add as we move forward from here. Thanks ~Rob