Rob Robinson

On the Eve of Annapolis


There are a lot of challenges that we face as older drummers. One of the things that I was faced with over the past 8 months was the occasional injury. Not just aches and pains from working out my chops but some other pains that seem to be reoccurring. Finding ways to work through those has been a challenge but my desire to do this again is what keeps me going forward. 

Shades of Gray


 I am finding out that along with progress comes hard decisions about things that are not always comfortable to deal with. I try to live in the day as best I can. This is something that has been emphasized to me by my good friends in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It's been one of the real gifts to me in sobriety and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.

Sunrise Seven Eighteen


It was a morning that I won't soon ever forget. Life gathered all around me and showed me it was available but I needed to grab hold and not let go. The greatness of good was everywhere but yet I could only look at it and hope that by taking one healthy step forward followed by another that maybe someday it would weave its way into my shredded fabric.

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