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Welcome To Rob Robinson Music

Welcome to my new website and thanks for stopping by. For those who have been visitors in the past you might notice some familiar content but please have a look around as there are some new features as well.

One important new feature is the ability to listen to and purchase music through this secured site. Just go to the Music & Lyrics page where you can listen to the songs and make a purchase. Click on the INFO tab to bring up the full song with lyrics. There is also an option to purchase the CD in which you will receive the download at no extra charge. The CD will be shipped to you with a small shipping and handling fee. 

Just below, here on the home page there are news updates. You can get information on the progress of my new album along with other bits of current information become available. Also check out the Videos and Photo Gallery pages as well.

Throughout the site you will see buttons linked to my other social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... There is also a DONATE button right here on the home page. If you feel inclined to give something please know that your donation will go toward current projects associated Rob Robinson Music including studio time, CD packaging and video projects. 

I hope you enjoy your visit and please share with you friends.

Thank you ~Rob

News Update 

 January 1, 2021:  Happy New year everyone! Wishing you all the best that 2021 has to offer. Health and Peace throughout the year would be wonderful. Let's do what we can to make that happen. 

Quick update... I will be back at Crystal Clear Sound in early January putting final touches on songs recorded in late 2020. On January 23rd I have a day long session booked which will include the return of the full band. I'll be recording a couple songs that I've had with me for several years. "Down This Highway and What's The Matter" are both driving rock songs that will benefit from the musicianship of Larry, Pete, Jay and Stockton. I also have a brand new tune that I'm excited about recording. The title will remain a secret until the release. Looking forward to getting these songs out there. The process requires a lot of patience but it's going to be worth the wait. 


News Update      

November 1, 2020: Sessions for my new album began on September 26, 2020 at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX . I have joined up with producer and bassist, Pete Miller.  After a few meetings between the two of us in August and September, the first recording date was scheduled. Seven original songs were recorded during the 8-hour session, many of which were songs that I had been performing over the past several years.  The studio assembled band included bassist and producer Pete Miller, veteran session guitarist Larry Rolando, keyboardist Jay Brown and drummer Stockton Helbing

I am really happy with the direction we're taking on this first set of songs. We've had a real nice live feel going on in the studio and I'm looking forward to moving along during the coming months. It's been quite the journey from my days back in Philadelphia. All the sudden one day I'm here in Texas and getting on with something brand new. Life is full of unexpected surprises. The plan right now is to record as much as possible in the coming months so I can then sit back pick the best songs for the album. I'd like to release at least one single sometime early in the new year. The projected release of the full album will be sometime in 2021. Probably late summer or fall.  It's been way too long and I'm so excited for all to hear this material.