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New Album - "Down This Highway"

Release Date - April 22, 2022 



News Update

February 25, 2022:  Hey everyone, coming to you with a little mid winter update.  My new album "Down This Highway" has been completed and we finally have a release date of April 22, 2022. My original projection of mid March was pushed back due to the recent passing of my father. I wanted the opportunity to give him proper attention during this time without other distractions.  We've been blessed with many wonderful notes and phone calls expressing condolences. Thank you so much!

I'm super excited to finally put out this new album. There are ten new original songs with a great energy and sound. It was a great experience working with Peter Miller and we really formed quite a  friendship throughout the last eighteen months. I want to thank Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound for his incredible talents as an engineer and to all the musicians who brought amazing performances to each session, thank you!  We wanted to finish the project off with a bang so we went to Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine to master the album. Initially we are releasing this on digital platforms for download and streaming as well as on CD. Our hope to to do a short run of Vinyl in the coming months. I will bring more updates as they become available. 

News Update

June 17, 2021:  Hey folks welcome back... here are a couple updates for June 2021.  I have scheduled sessions for mid July at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas. I'll be recording three new tracks that I'm hoping will have a real nice impact on the flow and personality of the album. They are very folk based in nature and composition. Looking forward to working with Pete along with Larry, Stockton and a new face which I will introduce soon. We are excited to experiment with some really sweet treatments including mandolin, violin, cello and maybe some other surprises as we wrap up the album. Stay tuned!

Also, please check out this recent interview I did  with Mr. Brian Sebastian and his team at "Movie Reviews and More". This was a lot of fun and features Brian along with his co-hosts, Katrina and Terri, who bring a lot of great energy and perspective to the episode. We talked a little about drum corps, songwriting and a heartfelt story about traveling with my Mom to Nashville. Click below and enjoy the segment.  Thanks again for checking in... 

News Update

May 19, 2021:  Hey everyone welcome back! Spring has sprung and things are getting a little better with Covid. Restrictions are slowly being lifted and there's a feeling of hope lingering throughout our country. Here in Dallas/Fort Worth I am continuing to push forward with my new album. The winter sessions gave me some great new songs with some real energy to them. I'm super happy with the outcome and they will certainly be a part of the album. 

On May 16th I was featured on the Acoustic Highway with my old pal Barry Graham. The hour long program on NPR radio WHRO out of Norfolk, VA, featured seven songs from my collection of original music including two songs from the forth coming album. Barry and I talk about a lot of things including the new album, life here in Texas and navigating through the pandemic. You can listen to the program in its entirety by clicking the link below.  Many thanks to Barry who has always supported me in my musical journey. 

The Acoustic Highway Welcomes Back Rob Robinson

The Acoustic Highway Welcomes Back Rob Robinson