Rob  Robinson Bio

Rob Robinson is an American singer-songwriter, musician and recording artist. While growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Rob began his journey into music with a pair of drumsticks and some natural skills that led him into the world of drum and bugle corps. Throughout his youth he excelled in rudimental snare drumming before dedicating his time to playing drumset. For over 20 years Rob supplied a the back beat for many bands and artists from the Philadelphia area including The Buggy Boys, Ben Vaughn,  Amy Carr and  Suzanne Gorman. During that time he also took an interest in songwriting and while his love for drumming was always on display, he continued crafting simple song ideas in the background of a seemingly stormy journey.

Growing up in the 1970's, Rob was drawn toward much of the classic rock era bands., but his involvement in drum corps afforded him a wide range of influences including  jazz and classical music. By the time Rob's songwriting began to really take shape he was turning his attention toward folk music and other singer songwriters. After some years of personal challenges, Rob finally released his first album, Catchin' A Ride (2013).  The seven song tribute to his wayward travels received some attention in smaller markets but more importantly got him on the road promoting his music.  In 2016, Rob embarked on a 2 week coffeehouse tour that saw him performing in Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana and Alabama. 

Since then, Rob has continued to write and make music in a well produced country-rock genre. His deeper and soulful vocal stylings transcend his life challenges into a warm  and embracing delivery that engages listeners. His songs are catchy with sweet melodies reminiscent of the Byrds, The Association and others from the late sixties. His interest in American Folk music and Texas Troubadours such as Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt have greatly influenced his approach to writing songs. In 2022, Rob released his second album "Down This Highway". Produced by Pete Miller and recorded in Dallas, Texas, the ten song album was a big step forward in Rob's songwriting career.