Rob Robinson

Walk Away ~ I believe

Release: 2015

Label: Independent

Produced by Ray Tilkens

Musicians: Rob Robinson, Ray Tilkens, Gabriel Staznik 

Copyright - 2015 Rob Robinson Music

Rob Robinson

Catchin' A Ride

Released: 2013

Label: Independent

Produced by Tim Sperty

Musicians: Rob Robinson, Ray Tilkens, Ed Wells, Dave Celentano, Tim Kulp, Caroline Ferrante, Samantha Vickner

Copyright - 2013 Rob Robinson Music

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Ben Vaughn

Dressed In Black

Released: 1990

Label: Enigma Records

Produced by Ben Vaughn

Musicians: Ben Vaughn, Mike Vogelmann, Rob Robinson, Gus Cordovox, Andy Bresnan, Kurt Johnston,

Guest Appearances by: Alex Chilton, Marshall Crenshaw, Foster & Lloyd, Gordon Gano, John Hiatt, Peter HolsappleKen Kweeder

Ben Vaughn

Mood Swings

Released : 1992

Label: Restless Records

Musicians Included on this Compilation: Ben Vaughn, Gus Cordovox, Aldo Jones, Lonesome Bob, Mike Vogelmann, Gary Gold, Rob Robinson, Palmyra Delran, Andy Bresnan, Dan Buskirk, Mick Foster, Kurt Johnston, Fran Kowalski, Ken Kweeder, Jim Spake

Guest Appearances: Alex Chilton, Marshall Crenshaw, Foster & Lloyd, Gordon Gano, John Hiatt, Peter Holsapple

United State of Mind

Illusion and Enlightenment

Released: 2013

Label: Independent

Musicians: Al Peteraf, Ed Wells, Rob Robinson

Tin Foil Hat

Flexible metal

Released: 2013

Label: Independent

Produced by Tin Foil Hat


 Rick Mccafferty,  Al Peteraf,  Mark Wells,   Rob Robinson 

Tin Foil Hat

I Made This For You

Released: 2015

Lable: Independent

Produced by: Tin Foild Hat

All Songs Written and Performed by Al Peteraf and Rick McCafferty


Mike Minsker, Rob Robinson, RB Hunter,

Steve Foutty, Mark Wells


Tin Foil Hat

Reguarding the Land

Released: 2017

Label: Independent

Produced by: Ross Troy and Tin Foil Hat

Musicians: Rick McCafferty, Al Peteraf, Rob Robinson,

Anamer Castrello, Phil Lester, Mike Ricciardi,

Ed Wells, Mark Wells