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Rob Robinson is an American singer-songwriter, musician and recording artist. A lifelong drummer, Robinson began crafting his simple song ideas well into a sophisticated musical journey. While growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he began pouring his lyrical offerings into some original projects before realizing that an acoustic six string was in his immediate future. As he continued to play the drums with some of Philadelphia's trending artists, including roots based curator Ben Vaughn, Rob was slowly developing his own sweet catchy hooks in the background of an often dark and meandering life. After years of failed relationships and 4-track demos, the singer-songwriter finally released his first album, Catchin' A Ride (2013).  The seven song tribute to his wayward travels received some attention in smaller markets but more importantly got him on the road doing several coffeehouse tours. Two years later came the release of a single and B-side titled  Walk Away-I Believe (2015).  The production was more direct and hard hitting and his sound began to settle into a country-rock genre. Rob's deeper and soulful vocal stylings were beginning to transfom  a Hiatt-escque type of delivery. In 2020 the one time Philly native was back in the studio this time with Producer Pete Miller. The new single release, "Heart on Fire", is again a lean toward country-rock and features great performances from veteran session musicians including guitarist Larry Rulondo. Robinson has been recording in Dallas, Texas and plans to release a full album in the fall of 2021. 

New Single - Heart on Fire

"Heart on Fire" hits you with a hard punch and takes you into a blazing standoff with great guitar work and solid vocals. This is a quality production as Robinson is developing into special kind of songwriter. 


Heart on Fire

Rob Robinson

The first single from Rob's upcoming full length album due out in the fall of 2021.

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"Heart on Fire"  by Rob Robinson - Reviewed by Gibson Goff 

The first rule of successful songwriting is you have to walk the walk if you talk the talk. Some songwriters can get by with a very vivid imagination. Rob writes from the heart. 

Rob has gathered together a very talented producer along with seasoned musicians to create a hard driving perspective on love and relationships in his latest release, “Heart on Fire.” 

The timbre of his voice gives strength to his message. The tempo and beat drive it home. 

It's a melody that my wife and I find ourselves humming as we go through our day. And don't be surprised if you catch yourself playing a little air guitar to the riffs. It's that strong. 

This is another great song from Rob. His songwriting, musical skills and his voice just keep getting better with time. And this song proves that. 

Gibson Goff is an author and freelance writer of travel and entertainment experiences, specializing in the self help genre. You can find more of his articles and ebooks at  and


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