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Listening to Catchin' A Ride is a beautiful thing. The songs, production, and singing are fantastic. You can feel the man's journey as he travels from song to song. Under The Sun in particular stands out as a shining testament to Rob's talent. Well done! ~Ben Vaughn Record Producer and Host of "The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn" radio show.”

Ben Vaughn

 Rob Robinson's new cd "Catchin' A Ride" features solid songwriting and optimistic lyrics that tell stories of triumph over adversity. Other standouts are his smooth vocals, angelic backup vocal harmonies, and how well the acoustic instruments (acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars and mandolin) are recorded and presented.~Dave Celentano, Musician, Teacher and Author”

Dave Celentano

Philadelphia July 2015 - World Cafe Live

ROB ROBINSON WOWS THEM AT THE PICKLED HERRING By Gibson Goff - A long time ago, I sent off to Cessna for some brochures about their aircraft line. They sent back a full color brochure, with a little extra inside. It was a vinyl record. Square, small – designed for a 45 turntable – meant to be pulled from the center of the brochure, and listened to while you read the specs and ogled over the pictures, of the shiny new airplanes. I did just that... It was a music solo with a flute. A beautiful, light, bouncing over the clouds piece. It captured your imagination as you saw yourself chasing clouds in the new 172 Skyhawks. There was also a brilliant songwriter called Burt Bacharach during that same time period, doing the same thing with his music. It had this light, California-driving-the-coastline sort of vocals and tempo. It uplifted you. It inspired you. It made you feel good. Tonight I heard that same tempo, and felt that same vibe while listening to an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and musician, Rob Robinson. Rob comes from a tumultuous past. He's been to the wall and back. Yet unlike so many other voices trying to be heard and validate their mistakes, Rob doesn't parade his past like a cheap, beat up piece of luggage in front of the audience. One verse in his offerings speaks of being covered with a blanket, and seeing the light above him – his death. And he does it with the skill of a master wordsmith. With light, and hope, and harmony. Oh, so beautiful harmony. Rob's past is his story, it has created a story base from which he can write. And sing. It's not an albatross around his neck. I called him the Thomas Kinkade of local musicians – his words and tempo are upbeat, full of light, and sustenance, and love. Rob brought three of his friends to help him out tonight. It was almost a full acoustic evening. The four had not played together, as a group before tonight. They had played together as pairs, at different times, each bonding a deep friendship. It took about two songs until that quintessential moment, those two beats that happened with exact timing, that syncopated moment where the whole thing gelled. You could almost see the music move from musician to musician as they fell into place, four instruments playing as one. And then Rob and Al, his back-up, floated amongst the clouds in a California-driving-the-coast, Burt Bacharach segment of vocals that lifted our spirits to the sky. Rob told his story, and made us feel good for listening to it. Actually, it's not only Rob's story. It's the story of many others, that have, or are walking in Rob's shoes. Rob's just the gifted singer-songwriter that has brought it to us. And made us feel good for hearing it.”

Gibson Goff